Izzy Lindqwister, a Swedish expat musician and DJ based in Paris, finds her groove in reggae and dub music. Growing up across four countries, her musical journey is diverse and self-taught. With a knack for experimentation and crossing genres, she is always pushing boundaries with a fearless spirit.
In 2022, she released her first mixtape "IZZY DUBS IT vol.1," with a cover imagined by ILL Studio. The tape is a culmination of six months of sampling and dubplate edits. Featuring original vocal compositions and recordings from her studio, each track blurs the lines between creation and inspiration.
Off-stage, Izzy hosts a weekly radio show on Rinse full of creative freedom. With a focus on her reggae, dub & dancehall vinyl collection, she invites guests to join her for improvised performances, spreading good vibes with every beat.