Here is a brand new track called WALK THE WALK! It is available as download on all the digital platforms from the 4th of May 2015… The song will be part of an EP that I’m finishing to get together in these coming weeks. I’ve done this tune as well as the forthcoming EP in collaboration with Arthur K., a cool gringo and great musician from Paris, France.


Izzy Lindqwister is a singer and songwriter born in Stockholm, Sweden, known for her soul power voice and her strong image.

She started singing in church choirs from a young age, and as a teenager she discovered the blues, soul & rock'n'roll through Stevie Klasson, Johnny Thunders' guitarist, of whom she says "He would sometimes invite me to guest at one of his shows in small Stockholm blues venues. Being too young to get into those sort of places I had to wait in the car and sneak in via the side door just to sing a song or two."

Some years later she moved to Paris and founded the band Rodeo Massacre before starting her own solo project whilst being the lead singer and keyboard wizard in her new project Calypsodelia. Izzy has also been collaborating with acts such as Cornershop, Moodoïd and SSG. Live her deep, soulful and powerful vox is knock-out, and very unique.

Izzy's debut album Moon Beam Cream was released in 2014 and subsequently Izzy has been tipped by BBC6 Music Radio DJ Lauren Laverne as "one to watch for 2015" following the release of the album's first single Cruisin After Dark.

"Cosmic Pop" or "Space Soul"? Or "21st century Gospel with a Beta Waves flavor"? Whatever you name it, Izzy Lindqwister's music is going to take your mind to an outer space trip across the Milky Way, dancing, chilling, crying and then kicking out the blues again. Izzy's next releases will be the single Walk The Walk followed by an EP called Eternal New due after the 2015 summer, as well as a Calypsodelia EP scheduled for June 2015.




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